‘Ho-Oh Shining Legends Super-Premium Collection’ Product Photos!

The “Ho-Oh Shining Legends Super Premium Collection” will hit store shelves this Friday! It will retail for $80.

I’ve posted images of this product before, but now we have actual photos thanks to our friends at TCA Gaming!

Ho-Oh Shining Legends Super-Premium Collection

Ho-Oh Figure

Shining Celebi Promo (SM79)

Ho-Oh-GX Promo (SM80)

Pikachu Promo (SM81)
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Shining Lugia (SM82)

Shining Legends Playmat

‘The Making of Shining Legends’ Art Book

3x Collector’s Boxes featuring Arceus, Genesect, Zoroark

10x Shining Legends Booster Packs
[prod ebay=”Shining Lugia promo SM82″] [prod ebay=”Shining Legends Playmat Ho-Oh Super Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”The Making of Shining Legends Book”] [prod ebay=”Ho-Oh Super Premium Collection Boxes”] [prod ebay=”Shining Legends Booster Packs”]

Shining Celebi and Shining Lugia were removed from our Shining Legends set and placed into this product. This makes the two easier to get, but of course you’ll have to drop $80 to own them (unless you buy them individually off the Internet).

The rainbow rare Ho-Oh-GX would have been in Burning Shadows but was also placed into this product. You can still get Ho-Oh’s regular GX and non-rainbow full art in the set, however.

The Pikachu promo is originally from Japan’s “Pikachu Special Set” blister pack, which was released last December.