Full ‘Shining Legends’ English Set List!

The Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box won’t release in stores until October 6th, but fans who buy it through PokemonCenter.com are receiving it early in the mail, as the store advertised. As such, many Pokemon fans across social media have uploaded photos of their pulls!

Thanks goes to Pacman for the majority of the photos below!

The Japanese Shining Legends set was released back in July.

‘Shining Legends’ Elite Trainer Box

As posted before, each Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box comes with ten booster packs instead of eight as well as a Shining Ho-Oh promo. The photos below really show off the Shining Pokemon texture.


Shining Pokemon

Pull rates for Shining Pokemon are about one out of every 15 booster packs. The photos below represent 100 Elite Trainer Box openings.

Reverse Holo Basic Energy

Each booster pack still comes with a Basic Energy, but you can also pull them as reverse holos. The set’s RH basic Energy feature a glossier finish than usual, similar to the ones you can get in the Battle Arena Decks. These are also the first reverse holo Basic Energy you can pull from a booster pack in the Sun & Moon era.

Pokemon-GX, Full Arts, Secret Rares

As posted before, the full art versions of Raichu-GX and Zoroark-GX have been removed from this set. Both will be available in special Shining Legends collections: the Raichu-GX Collection and the Zoroark-GX Collection. Their rainbow rares still remain in the English set.

Like in Japan, the final Mewtwo-GX of the set has the same texture as Shining Pokemon.


Regular Set

As I revealed on my Twitter a few days ago, Incineroar’s attack name was changed from “God Damn Punch” to “Profane Punch.”

‘Shining Legends’ Set List

The set finishes at 73 cards, but has four more rainbow rares and the final Mewtwo-GX for an actual total of 78 cards.

As we already knew, Shining Celebi and Shining Lugia have also been removed from our English set. They’ll be available in the Shining Legends Ho-Oh Super Premium Collection.

  • #1/73 Bulbasaur
  • #2/73 Ivysaur
  • #3/73 Venusaur
  • #4/73 Shroomish
  • #5/73 Breloom
  • #6/73 Carnivine
  • #7/73 Shaymin
  • #8/73 Virizion
  • #9/73 Shining Genesect
  • #10/73 Entei-GX
  • #11/73 Torkoal
  • #12/73 Larvesta
  • #13/73 Volcarona
  • #14/73 Reshiram
  • #15/73 Litten
  • #16/73 Torracat
  • #17/73 Incineroar
  • #18/73 Totodile
  • #19/73 Croconaw
  • #20/73 Feraligatr
  • #21/73 Qwlfish
  • #22/73 Buizel
  • #23/73 Floatzel
  • #24/73 Palkia
  • #25/73 Manaphy
  • #26/73 Keldeo
  • #27/73 Shining Volcanion
  • #28/73 Pikachu
  • #29/73 Raichu-GX
  • #30/73 Voltorb
  • #31/73 Electrode
  • #32/73 Raikou
  • #33/73 Plusle
  • #34/73 Minun
  • #35/73 Zekrom
  • #36/73 Ekans
  • #37/73 Arbok
  • #38/73 Jynx
  • #39/73 Mewtwo-GX
  • #40/73 Shining Mew
  • #41/73 Latios
  • #42/73 Shining Jirachi
  • #43/73 Golett
  • #44/73 Golurk
  • #45/73 Marshadow
  • #46/73 Stunfisk
  • #47/73 Spiritomb
  • #48/73 Purrloin
  • #49/73 Liepard
  • #50/73 Scraggy
  • #51/73 Scrafty
  • #52/73 Zorua
  • #53/73 Zoroark-GX
  • #54/73 Yveltal
  • #55/73 Hoopa
  • #56/73 Shining Rayquaza
  • #57/73 Shining Arceus
  • #58/73 Damage Mover
  • #59/73 Energy Retrieval
  • #60/73 Great Ball
  • #61/73 Hau
  • #62/73 Lillie
  • #63/73 Pokemon Breeder
  • #64/73 Pokemon Catcher
  • #65/73 Sophocles
  • #66/73 Super Scoop Up
  • #67/73 Switch
  • #68/73 Ultra Ball
  • #69/73 Double Colorless Energy
  • #70/73 Warp Energy
  • #71/73 Entei-GX
  • #72/73 Mewtwo-GX
  • #73/73 Pokemon Breeder
  • #74/73 Entei-GX
  • #75/73 Raichu-GX
  • #76/73 Mewtwo-GX
  • #77/73 Zoroark-GX
  • #78/73 Mewtwo-GX

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  1. ArceusTrainer Arceus Collector


    Wow! Look at all those Arceus!
  2. Citrus Aspiring Trainer


    Bleh.. they kinda killed it when they removed lugia and celebi for me
    Shiny Bulbasaur likes this.
  3. Vitiel Mush. Up!


    Profane Punch is actually a pretty silly localization. Seems fun in itself, too.
    Cottonmouth25 likes this.
  4. Tapu Lele Responsibile for an Economic Recession
    Tapu Lele

    Forum Mod Member

    Why did this set exist again?
  5. Spongeranger Aspiring Trainer


    Because most of us thinks its awesome :)
    TheRealBro.. and BraviaryBoi like this.
  6. paulyd84 cooltrainerpaul


    I'm really glad they didn't manage to fudge some random rainbow rares in here lol

    But love this set, like generations and I've said before something nice only being able to get boosters in a premium purchase, almost makes them feel as special as they did when you where a kid and only able to get like 1-2 boosters max! You even sort of pay more attention to each and every card!

    Also any confirmation on online codes is there a code per pack or does etb just unlock the 10 boosters online?
    traininggaming likes this.
  7. Whitefinch Card Collector


    I love small collector's sets like these. The massive number of secret rares in the Sun & Moon sets have put me off collecting those so I'm mega excited to start on this set!

    Thanks for posting the full setlist!
    Skeleton Liar likes this.
  8. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    What are the pull rates for GX etc?
    And it was said that each booster contains two holos. How does that work out?
  9. Nistua Aspiring Trainer


    So there was seroiusly only one Genesect pulled out of 1000 packs ? That card is going to be preeetty expensive... I'm quite disappointed Pokemon reintroduced cards with higher min-rarity than Ultra Rare.
    HA559 likes this.
  10. John InCENAroar Hunting Shiny Terrakion, Apostle of Pickle Brick
    John InCENAroar


    Because shining pokemon didn't seem to fit in with Crimson Invasion, so TPCi was just like "Oh Hey Generations did well let's make another one so we can use these sshiny pokemon. Even better, just so people will buy this art book we plan to release, let's take the two best shinies and put them into this other expensive product. What could go wrong?" Little did they know that what could go wrong is very few chase cards in Crimson invasion, with Nihilego and Kartana, which are pretty average at best, being all we really have to look forward to.
  11. Ramo0927 Magical


    What happened to Mask Royale?
    MetalPharoah likes this.
  12. Shiny Bulbasaur Aspiring Trainer
    Shiny Bulbasaur


    There’s a code per pack, I think the ETB unlocks the Ho-Oh promo. Not sure, I’ll have to look at mine.
  13. Whitefinch Card Collector


    I've watched some some pack opening videos on YouTube - looks like each booster pack has an online TCG code card.
  14. professor layton Aspiring Trainer
    professor layton


    Why are the pullrates this miserable?
  15. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    Ugh, with how little GX's there are the GX's are going to be near impossible to pull. Thankfully the set will be easy to complete. I was once collecting GRI, till I forgot i needed Lele and gave up.

    I love completing and collecting these Mini-ish sets, since this set is so small i might go for a master set (So for GX's im going for 4 of a card, AKA: Playset, and getting Reverse Holo's for all the cards.)

    Completed/Collected Dragon Vault back in BW, lucky to pull the Kyurem SR from my first blister of the 3 I bought.

    Anyhow, I look forward to completing this set!
  16. ozzie347 Aspiring Trainer


    Pull rates for the GXs seem to be 1 in 4 or so, higher than normal. I've seen several ETBs actually pull 4 GXs.

    There are no non-holo rares in the set, so each booster has a reverse holo and either a holo rare or GX/FA/RR card.
    Rooie likes this.
  17. Digital Dragon Thinks Chandelure is the cutest Pokémon
    Digital Dragon


    From what I've seen on YouTube, GXs seem to have average pull rates.
  18. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    No Shining Celebi is a no sell for me but I do want the shining Ho-Oh. I'll just buy it.
  19. ozzie347 Aspiring Trainer


    Probably the same thing that happened to Olivia and Hau FA. We'll likely see it in our SM4 release. Neither the regular art or the FA of Masked Royal were part of the Japanese set, but rather promos that were given with purchasing Shining Legends packs. Hau FA was given away for purchasing a box of SM1+ in Japan, while being lumped into our SM2.
  20. Swampert Full Art I sure wanna pull that Whitney Full Art.
    Swampert Full Art


    Is the Mewtwo in a tube GX a secret rare?