New Lycanroc Form In 1.5 Hours?

The cover of this month’s CoroCoro has leaked and reveals what appears to be another Lycanroc form! The image is very small but you can see it has green eyes as well as similarities to both Lycanroc’s Midday and Midnight forms.

There have been many hints about Lycanroc getting a new form, such as the Pokemon Global Link listing four potential forms for Lycanroc, Ash’s Rockruff’s glowing green eyes as it nears evolution in the preview for episode 37 of the Sun and Moon anime, and a mysterious plush that is set to be released on the same day the 37th episode premieres.

Additionally, the director of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Shigeru Ohmori, will make an appearance on Pokenchi today at 7:00 PM EST to give the first information about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! So perhaps we’ll know soon enough!