First English ‘Shining Legends’ Cards, Different Pack Configurations!

The first cards from our English Shining Legends set have been revealed — Reshiram (#14/73), Mewtwo-GX (#39), and Hoopa (#55). The cards originate from Japan’s Shining Legends set. It was released in Japan back on July 14th.

The English card numbers reveal that our set will have over 75 cards.

The good news is that we’ve now learned each Shining Legends booster pack will actually contain 11 cards, including two guaranteed holo cards! This is a first for the English Pokemon TCG and should make collecting the set easier than usual.

Update: Pokemon has corrected the product image for the Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box, finally confirming as we first reported that it will come with ten booster packs and a Shining Ho-Oh promo card!

As posted before, Shining Legends is a special set. Like Generations, its booster packs will only be available within other products; they will not be sold separately. Shining Legends products will begin to appear in stores on October 6th.