‘Shiny Silvally-GX Box’ in November!

A new “Shiny Silvally-GX Box” will be released in America and Europe on November 17th!

It will come with a foil Silvally-GX promo, a jumbo version, four booster packs, and a PTCGO code card.

The product descriptions mentions you can activate “Turbo Drive” with Silvally-GX, so that could be its Ability or an attack.

Silvally-GX will be in Japan’s SM4 set, which in America will be released as November’s Crimson Invasion. This Silvally-GX could be a reprint from the set with alternate shiny artwork or it could be a brand new promo. We’ll find out soon!

I wonder why we’re getting a shiny Silvally. Perhaps it’s going to be distributed for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon since November 17th is their release date?