What Pokemon Do You Want to See as a GX, and Why?

Let’s help Pokemon Card Laboratory, the makers of the TCG!

As they have told me over the years, they read PokeBeach. And from what I’ve seen of the fandom lately, fans have been expressing frustration with same Pokemon getting the same love. So let’s have a discussion: what Pokemon do you want to see as Pokemon-GX? Pokemon that are marketable and beloved (so no Seaking-GX, sadly).

Several years ago, PCL actually reached out to Pokemon’s official (but private) forums to ask players for similar feedback. The TCG has the most “hands on” people running it out of the entire franchise, so I’m sure they’d at least be interested in reading a discussion.

Please make sure your responses are thoughtful. Don’t just list out Pokemon. Explain why you think the Pokemon is appealing and should be a Pokemon-GX. Pokemon targets children mostly, and the Pokemon you suggest should be one that can sell a set or product. Mass appeal.

Just look at the booster packs for the most recent set. A diverse cast of non-Legendary–

F**dge dang it!!

I have a lot of suggestions but I do not want to influence the discussion. So I’m not going to suggest Kabutops-GX, Milotic-GX, or Ludicolo-GX until other people do. :p