Tapu Fini-GX and Necrozma-GX from ‘Burning Shadows!’

Tapu Fini-GX (#39/147) and Necrozma-GX (#63/147) are the first two cards to be revealed from Burning Shadows!

The set will hit store shelves in America and Europe on August 4th.

Our English set will feature the cards from Japan’s SM3 Light-Consuming Darkness and Did You See the Fighting Rainbow?, released last week, and the exclusive cards from SM2+ Beyond a New Challenge, released in April.

As posted before, Necrozma-GX, Tapu Fini-GX, Machamp-GX, Charizard-GX, Darkrai-GX, Ho-Oh-GX, and Marshadow-GX are confirmed to be 7 of the set’s 12 Pokemon-GX.

There will be six full art Trainers. Team Skull is highlighted in the set’s official description, so we’ll definitely see Guzma and Plumeria.

You can view our English set’s booster packs, theme decks, promo blisters, and all other products in this news story.