‘Decidueye / Incineroar / Primarina-GX Premium Collection’ Product Photos!

The Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina-GX Premium Collections are now in stores! Each box retails for $40.

All three Pokemon-GX originate from Japan’s SM1+ set, which was released in Japan all the way back in January.

[prod ebay=”Decidueye-GX Premium Collection” amazon=”Decidueye-GX Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Decidueye Coin”] [prod ebay=”Decidueye Pin”] [prod ebay=”Rowlet Holo Promo Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Dartrix Holo Promo Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Decidueye GX SM32″ amazon=”Decidueye GX SM32″] [prod ebay=”Decidueye GX SM32 Jumbo Oversized”]
[prod ebay=”Incineroar-GX Premium Collection” amazon=”Incineroar-GX Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Incineroar Coin”] [prod ebay=”Incineroar Pin”] [prod ebay=”Litten Holo Promo Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Torracat Promo Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Incineroar GX SM33″ amazon=”Incineroar GX SM33″] [prod ebay=”Incineroar GX SM33 Jumbo Oversized”]
[prod ebay=”Primarina-GX Premium Collection” amazon=”Primarina-GX Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Primarina Coin”] [prod ebay=”Primarina Pin”] [prod ebay=”Popplio Holo Promo Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Brionne Holo Promo Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Primarina GX SM34″ amazon=”Primarina GX SM34″] [prod ebay=”Primarina GX SM34 Jumbo Oversized”]

Each box comes with these six booster packs: