Lycanroc Distribution at Gamestop!

To celebrate the release of Guardians Rising, you can stop by Gamestop between May 15th and June 5th to pick up a code to download Lycanroc (Midnight Form) to your Sun and Moon games!

The Lycanroc comes at Level 50 with Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch, and Swords Dance. It has its Hidden Ability, No Guard, and comes with a Life Orb attached.

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  1. riChchestMat Aspiring Trainer


    Also at Game in the UK
  2. Tri2attack Eating Pizza


    On the video it says May 15th instead of May 5th
  3. Starsoulklr 'Rolling around at the speed of sound'


    It IS rather funky that they're advertising a Game Stop promo Pokemon ten days in advance before the code even works for it.

    Gotta say I like how the trailer looks for this event though. I hope that they keeping adding a little bit of flair to these as they go one. Even if you may not be a big fan of Lycanroc the extra Life Orb well be very nice to have.
  4. Guzma Aspiring Trainer


    Is this in Australia as well?
  5. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    In Japan they get shiny Tapu Koko, we get a normal Lycanroc... wow
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  6. The Cat Hatter Aspiring Trainer
    The Cat Hatter


    At least the lycanroc is midnight form

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  7. bbb888 same user name as my YouTube channel


    Dear GameStop,
    Please come to Canada.
  8. Seng vang Svang20
    Seng vang

    Advanced Member Member

    Looks promising