Marshadow Officially Revealed! New Movie 20 Trailer!

Marshadow has been revealed in a new trailer for the 20th Pokemon movie, Pokemon I Choose You! The trailer shows that the movie will be more than just a remake of Ash’s adventures in Kanto, but will see new characters and plot elements.

Here’s a story translation from the movie 20 website, courtesy of Bangiras!

To All Pokemon Fans,
This is the story of Ash and Pikachu’s “meeting” and “promise.”
The 20 year old franchise started here!

Pocket Monsters, or “Pokemon” for short.
Mysterious creatures that hide many secrets.

There are a lot of things about their ecosystem that are yet to be understood.

To this day, Pokemon Trainers continue their adventure to seek out undiscovered Pokemon.

A boy named Ash from Pallet Town is becoming a Pokemon Trainer. Having obtained the qualifications, he greets the morning of his tenth birthday, his heart yearning for undiscovered Pokemon and undiscovered lands. He is supposed to receive a partner Pokemon from Professor Oak, but because he oversleeps he arrives late, and the one remaining Pokemon is a Pikachu that doesn’t care for humans.

“Do you hate me? I like you!” While clashing, the bond between the two gradually deepens, and the day they set out on their journey they look up to see the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh flying in the sky. With a rainbow feather in hand, Ash and Pikachu vow: “Someday, together, we’ll go meet Ho-Oh!”

With that, Ash and Pikachu start their journey to become the world’s greatest Pokemon Master. On the way they meet the trainers Makoto and Souji, and are told a legend about Ho-oh. “The one who meets Ho-oh, guided by the Rainbow Feather, will become like the Rainbow Hero.” Suddenly, Marshadow, a strange Pokemon who was concealed in Ash’s shadow, appears as if guiding them. Ash and his friends set their sights on Ho-oh’s nest at Mt. Tensei, but then a powerful enemy appears. Will Ash and Pikachu make their way to Ho-Oh!? Thus begins their adventure to become true partners, in order to fulfill the vow from the first day of their trip!

The official English Pokemon YouTube channel has also uploaded a trailer officially revealing Marshadow. No solid information was revealed, but of course we fans already know Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-type and everything else about it with a quick Google search.