August’s English TCG Set: ‘Burning Shadows’

The name of our SM3 set is Burning Shadows and it’ll be released on August 4th!

The set will feature Ho-Oh-GX and Necrozma-GX from Japan’s SM3 sets, Did You See the Fighting Rainbow? and Light-Consuming Darkness. New cards from SM2+ like Darkrai-GX, Machamp-GX, and Tapu Fini-GX will also be included.

Fiery Battles and Deep Shadows!

What strange fires lurk in the shadows? Minions of Team Skull and a cavalcade of new Pokémon stand ready to battle in the dark of night and in the blazing sun! Slug it out with new titans like Necrozma-GX and Tapu Fini-GX, or battle with trusty allies from Machamp-GX and Charizard-GX to Darkrai-GX and Ho-Oh-GX. Fight for what’s right with the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows expansion!

  • Over 140 cards
  • 12 new Pokémon-GX
  • 6 new full-art Supporter cards featuring important human characters

This is the first time we’re hearing about Charizard-GX, which will presumably be included in Japan’s SM3 set.

It’s possible Marshadow-GX will be in this set since Japan’s SM3 is based on the 20th movie, which features Marshadow. Marshadow is a “shadow” with “burning” candle-like eyes. However, Darkrai also fits the description of a “burning” shadow, so who knows? Although the name is “Burning Shadows.”