Alolan Vulpix Promo Giveaway at Toys R Us in May!

Toys R Us will be hosting another “Pokemon Trade & Collect” event on Saturday, May 13th at 1:00 PM. Those who attend will receive Alolan Vulpix from Guardians Rising as an exclusive holo promo, a Guardians Rising collector’s album, and the first 50 customers will also get a 2 inch Eevee figurine.

The event may be happening to promote the premiere of the Sun & Moon anime on Disney XD, especially since Alolan Vulpix will be part of the cast. The first two episodes will premiere on Friday, May 12th and then the third will air the following morning (the day of the event).

Thanks goes to PokeBeach members Mightyena and Nico M. for the heads-up on this story!