‘The Best of XY’, SM2+, and ‘Ash v. Team Rocket’ Product Images Revealed!

Here is the official booster pack and booster box artwork for The Best of XY set, which will be released in Japan on April 19th. As announced months ago, it will contain reprints of the XY era as well as new cards. The set will have a whopping 171 cards (excluding secret rares). 128 of them will be reverse holos. The rest are presumably Pokemon-EX and secret rares.


SM2+ Strengthening Expansion Pack: Beyond a New Challenge will also be released April 19th, containing at least 49 cards. Many of them will be reprints from SM2 like SM1+ contained reprints of SM1.

And finally, the product image for the Ash vs. Team Rocket deck has been revealed. The product reveals “Ash’s Pikachu-GX” and “Rocket’s Mimikyu-GX,” each part of a 30 card deck. We will have translations of these cards later since we’re busy with SM2 tonight.