Product Images for ‘Legendary Battle Decks’ Featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia!

We now have images of the Ho-Oh and Lugia Legendary Battle Decks!

One deck features 2x Ho-Oh-EX from Dragons Exalted and 2x Suicune from Plasma Blast while the other features 2x Lugia-EX from Ancient Origins and 2x Blissey from Dark Explorers. The decks will be released on May 5th for $19.99.

As I posted before, each 60-card deck will come with 8x foil basic Energy cards, a metallic coin, a deck box, damage counters, and player guides.

The decks are being released by TPCi to capitalize on the release of Gold and Silver Pokemon in Pokemon GO. TPCi is targeting new players and nostalgic fans with this quarter’s wave of Gen II products.