Movie 20 ‘Pokemon I Choose You’ Trailer!

Japanese TV show Oha Suta just aired, revealing the first real trailer for the 20th Pokemon movie, named Pokemon I Choose You!

The trailer features the events of the first episode: it starts out with a voice over from Professor Oak, shows Ash trying to get along with Pikachu, getting attacked by the Spearow in the rain, and then afterwards Ash and Pikachu see Ho-Oh. Unlike the first episode, Ho-Oh drops a Rainbow Wing. Misty does not appear in the trailer, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be in the movie!

Here are my screenshots of the trailer; an official one will likely be uploaded to Pokemon’s official YouTube channel within the next day.

The movie will premiere in Japan on July 15th.

Update (5:00 PM): The Japanese YouTube channel has now uploaded the trailer!