‘Mega Sharpedo and Camerupt-EX Premium Collections’ Product Photos!

We now have product photos of the Mega Sharpedo-EX and Mega Camerupt-EX Premium Collections thanks to our friend Rusty at The Charizard Authority! Both products will be released in America and Europe on April 7th and will retail for $39.99.

As posted before, each collection features a brand new M Sharpedo-EX or M Camerupt-EX foil promo, a jumbo foil version, a brand new Spirit Link promo for the Mega Evolution, a collector’s pin, a coin, a reprinted Sharpedo-EX or Camerupt-EX from Primal Clash, six booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. The six booster packs are 1x Fates Collide, 2x Steam Siege, 1x Evolutions, and 2x Sun & Moon.

The unique promos in these collections originate from Japan’s The Best of XY set, which releases next month.

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[prod amazon=”Mega Camerupt Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”M Camerupt EX Promo”] [prod ebay=”Camerupt Spirit Link Promo”] [prod ebay=”Mega Camerupt Pin”] [prod ebay=”Mega Camerupt Coin”]