Japan’s SM3+ Set: ‘Shining Legends!’

Oh boy, here we go!

Japan’s SM3+ set will be named Shining Legends and will be released on July 15th! As you can tell by the set’s booster pack, it’ll feature a shiny Mew-GX, Mewtwo (GX?), and Pikachu.

The set will feature 72 cards (excluding secret rares). Each booster pack will come with six cards, with one of the cards being a holo. So it seems this set won’t be like SM1+ where all of the cards are reverse holo. The whole set might not even be reprints judging by this pack configuration.

Since this set is being released on the exact same day as the 20th Pokemon movie, which as we know is retelling Ash’s adventures in Kanto, we can assume this set will mainly feature Kanto Pokemon. “Legends” helps to reiterate that assumption since Gen I is legendary to the franchise.

Also releasing on July 15th is a Rotom binder that can hold 104 cards. It’ll retail for 477 yen, or about $5.

Too bad we never got that Shining Mew CoroCoro promo here in the United States, but at least we’ll get a similar one in the coming months!