First ‘The Best of XY’ News, Reprinted Cards

The Japanese Pokemon TCG site has officially revealed The Best of XY set, which we first learned about months ago. The set will be released in Japan on April 21st and will feature a whopping 171 cards (excluding secret rares).

All of the cards in the set will be available as reverse holo cards, including the Pokemon-EX, Mega Evolutions, and Pokemon BREAK. Each booster pack will contain 15 cards, including one reverse holo and one rare holo.

From December 2013 to June 2016, Pokemon Card Laboratory released over 1,000 Pokemon cards. They’ve stated that they’ve carefully selected 171 to save from rotation, including some cards that are currently legal in Japan.

These are some of the cards they have chosen to spare from the guillotine:

It is unknown if the set will be released in America. We have a different format than Japan, so TPCi may choose to skip it. Then again, we are getting some upcoming Mega Evolutions that won’t be playable in the future without their earlier-released Pokemon-EX, so who knows?