‘Kingdra-EX Box’ Product Image Revealed!

We now have the Italian image of the “Kingdra-EX Box,” which, as expected, confirms that the box will only feature a reprint of Kingdra-EX from Fates Collide.

The box will be released on March 24th and comes with a jumbo Kingdra-EX, a regular Kingdra-EX, four booster packs, and a PTCGO code card

This probably also means that April’s Scizor-EX Box will feature reprints too, and that all the upcoming TCG products featuring Johto Pokemon are being released in an effort to advertise the future release of Gold and Silver Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

The Scizor-EX Box will have the same configuration as Kingdra’s and will be released on April 21st.