English Alolan Persian and Gumshoos-GX from ‘Sun & Moon!’

Alolan Persian (#79) and Gumshoos-GX (#110) from Sun & Moon have been revealed! The set will be released in America on February 3rd. To see what was in the Japanese set, check out this news story.


Since Diamond & Pearl, TPCi has used the first set of each generation to slightly update the way cards are worded — to make them easier to read or clearer to understand. Alolan Persian’s Taunt attack reads “Switch 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon with their Active Pokemon” instead of “his or her Active Pokemon.” Gumshoos-GX reads “you may have your opponent reveal their hand” instead of “his or her hand.” This will remove some of the “clunk” from card text where you’ll get a string of “his or her Pokemon” two to three times in a row.