Sylveon-GX, Lunala, Altar of the Sunne from SM1

We now have our first sneak-peak at three cards from Japan’s first Sun & Moon mini-set, named Sun & Moon Strengthening Expansion Pack.

As posted several times, the mini-set will be released on January 27th, contain 51 cards, and all of them will be holo.

Thanks goes to Bangiras and Vincent for the translations!

Sylveon GxSylveon-GX – Fairy – HP200
Stage 1 – Evolves from Eevee

[Y] Magical Ribbon: Search your deck for up to 3 cards and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

[Y][C][C] Fairy Wind: 110 damage.

[Y][C][C] Priere GX: Pick 2 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. Your opponent returns those Pokemon and all cards attached to them to his or her hand. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack a game.)

When your Pokemon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Metal (x2)
Resistance: Darkness (-20)
Retreat: 2

LunalaLunala – Psychic – HP160
Stage 2 – Evolves from Cosmoem

[P] Burst Ball: 40x damage. Does 40 damage times the number of [P] Energy attached to this Pokemon.

[P][P][P] Full Moon Wing: 130 damage. Move all Energy attached to this Pokemon to your Benched Pokemon in any way you like.

Weakness: Darkness (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 2

Altar Of The SunneAltar of the Sunne – Trainer

Each player’s [R] and [M] Pokemon have no Weakness.

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.

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  1. professor layton Aspiring Trainer
    professor layton


    This stadium will be a 1/2 staple for certain decks. It can be useful for mega scizor players when facing volcanion decks.
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  2. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Wow, Sylveon is pretty good. It can reliably two-shot most of the meta, and it can help with disruption and setting up. If it gets a good support card, it's going to almost certainly get a deck in the meta.
  3. Ninja Riot Aspiring Trainer
    Ninja Riot


    ugly mirror holo
  4. Anthony Orosco Just an all around cool dude
    Anthony Orosco


    As a Mega Scizor player, I NEED that Stadium. So sad I can't use it for Regionals in 2 weeks:(

    The Lunala is interesting, I don't think that will be a card we soon forget about.
  5. Lilrick Pokemon TCGO player


    I am disappointed with Sylveon-GX because it is suppose to be a healing Pokemon

    Now here we go again with this weak Lunala... both of the GX and regular Lunala are weak....

    I cant wait to see the other cards in this set:D
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  6. MarshalBry Shaym' on you


    Sylveon Gx is great. Go second, attach fairy to energy evolution eevee to evolve it, then use the top attack to find dce + whatever you need (draw / more pokes). The Gx attack could also be useful if your opponent is setting up pokemon on the bench, otherwise I don't think it's great. 110 for y + dce I would also say is very nice.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016
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  7. Kamato Aspiring Trainer


    Sylveon + Parallel City could prove interesting.
  8. gracebond Aspiring Trainer


    Fam, let's cry together. Both in joy for this stadium, and the sorrow that it is so far off.
  9. professor layton Aspiring Trainer
    professor layton


    that'll be a hilarious deck to play for fun...unless someone can make it playable?
  10. Jonathan Jung Meta is the Meta
    Jonathan Jung


    If they have only 2 pokemon or just 1 and you used the GX attack on Sylveon don't you just win then and there?
  11. Anthony Orosco Just an all around cool dude
    Anthony Orosco


    I am with you the entire way bro.
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  12. gracebond Aspiring Trainer


    It only targets the bench, so the active Pokemon is safe from the effect.
  13. Derek2727 Aspiring Trainer


    Benched Pokémon, so active would still be in play.
  14. Orlandito2012 Aspiring Trainer


    no, the GX attack specifically says benched pokemon, so the active isn't affected. (sadly)
  15. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Wow, that Sylveon will make its way into Fairy boxes. That thing is a setup stalling beast stopping and will shut down any massive setup the opponent may be playing, which could stall them for a few turns. Very helpful if used correctly. Not to mention it'll help set you up simultaneously. Definitely hoping to have fun with that one if it makes its way into the English TCG.
  16. Vitiel Mush. Up!


    Couldn't be anymore obvious that that Lunala's meant to work alongside its GX counterpart.
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  17. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Staff Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Sylveon-GX is good. I feel like its attack does a perfect amount of damage. The fact that it's DCE-able akes it a threat and the fact that it only does 110 damage means it loses out on the 2HKO after any slight amount of healing.

    Lunala is cool but it will never get used. Lunala-GX is too good.
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  18. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    I seriously thought Altar of the Sunne was a Magic card. I love how nothing looks broken so I'm glad to see this.
  19. Anthony Orosco Just an all around cool dude
    Anthony Orosco


    I love what you just said because for the past few weeks we have had so many people on this site talking about how everything from this set is broken or "Gimmicky". When in reality, I think we are coming up on a very balanced format that will no longer be determined just by type matchups. Finally, someone that gets it.
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  20. professor layton Aspiring Trainer
    professor layton


    not gimmicky, but a bigger emphasis on different types of strategies. The formay won't be balanced 100%, but it'll be extremely fun to play in nonetheless
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