‘Gym Badge’ Promos to be Released in English

Xy202 Pikachu Xy203 Brock Gym BadgeXy204 Misty Gym BadgeXy205 Lt Surge Gym BadgeXy206 Erika Gym BadgeXy207 Koga Gym BadgeXy208 Sabrina Gym BadgeXy209 Blaine Gym BadgeXy210 Giovanni Gym Badge

New “Gym Badge” promos are now showing up in PTCGO. They are numbered XY203 through XY210. It seems the promos will be released for this year’s Pokemon League seasons. Thanks goes to Frank J. for the news!

In Japan the promos were given out to those who competed in October’s 20th Anniversary Festa events.

Even though the Gym Leaders are drawn by Ken Sugimori, Pokemon Card Laboratory has prioritized crediting Ryo Ueda for the Gym badge images in the artwork.

Update: Pikachu has also been revealed! It is XY202. In America the card was originally one of the four promo cards given out to those who saw Mewtwo Strikes Back in movie theaters.