‘Alola Collections’ Out Early at Target!

Alola Collection SolgaleoSolgaleo Gx BoxSolgaleo FigureSolgaleo Pin
Alola Collection LunalaLunala Gx BoxLunala FigureLunala Pin

The Alola Collections are now out early at some Target stores! Their official release date is Friday, November 18th — the same day as Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Most Targets should have them out by Saturday since these boxes are being used to advertise Target’s special in-store Sun and Moon release event on Saturday.

As it turns out, the jumbo Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX cards have been printed without their HP, attack costs, and stages. As posted before, this was all in an effort to hide a major spoiler about both Pokemon. The cards will be printed with the missing information when they are released as regular-sized cards in February’s Sun & Moon set.

As with the Japanese cards, the foil cards have a “wave” holofoil pattern.

Thanks goes to Greg D. for the photos!