New Pokemon Silvally, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Steenee, Tsareena, and Ribombee!

The Pokemon Company has revealed the Pokemon from CoroCoro as well as other new Pokemon and Trainers!


Gladion_silvally_0902_rgb_300dpi Silvally_rgb_300dpiCategory: Synthetic Pokémon
Type: Normal
Height: 7’07”
Weight: 221.6 lbs.
Ability: RKS System

When Type: Null gains a partner it can trust, it deliberately destroys the restraining device it wears. Once released from that heavy mask, the Pokémon’s speed increases substantially. Freed of the restraining effects of its mask, Silvally’s senses are heightened, and it reverts to its natural temperament. It has a wild nature, but it will obey a Trainer that it trusts. And to protect that Trainer from danger, it will put its own life on the line. Silvally is said to have been created to oppose a threat…

By inserting exclusive items into the drive on Silvally’s head, its RKS System can be activated, causing Silvally’s somatic cells to mutate and glow. The RKS System enables it to change its type, and its cells glow with different colors of light, depending on its type.

Silvally’s Ability is called the RKS System Ability, which no previous Pokémon has ever had. By having Silvally hold items that correspond to each Pokémon type, it can change its own type. Multi-Attack is a move that only Silvally can learn, and this move’s type changes based on which type-related item Silvally is holding.


Hakamo O_rgb_300dpiCategory: Scaly Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Height: 3’11”
Weight: 103.6 lbs.
Ability: Bulletproof/Soundproof

When a Jangmo-o evolves into Hakamo-o, it breaks from its fellows and begins to live on its own to train itself. Wherever it can find Pokémon to battle against, it seems to appear.

Hakamo-o dances before battle to show its strength, clanging its scales together to make them ring out. When this dance reaches its climax, Hakamo-o bellows a fierce war cry to challenge its opponent.

Its scales make for fine armor, so Hakamo-o doesn’t worry about self-defense as it makes multitudes of strikes and overwhelms its opponents. But, as a result, its scales often become damaged and get torn off. They grow back immediately, so this does not cause Hakamo-o undue concern. In fact, it views the number of lost scales as proof of how ferociously it has fought, and it brandishes its bared arms in a boast of victory.


Kommo O_rgb_300dpiCategory: Scaly Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Height: 5’03”
Weight: 172.4 lbs.
Ability: Bulletproof/Soundproof

At the end of its harsh training, Hakamo-o evolves into this overwhelmingly powerful form. It returns to the land of its birth, where it watches over the Jangmo-o from a distance.

There is a legend that says Kommo-o is covered in glittering scales in order to drive away a great darkness covering the world. The reason these Pokémon seek out battle is to gain the power needed to defeat this darkness. When it detects someone approaching, this Pokémon rings the scales on its tail to announce its presence. It has no desire to battle against weak Pokémon.

Kommo-o’s greatest move is the uppercut. It swings its arm up from below in a punch of great skill and force, sending its foe flying into the sky. By raising its arms aloft, it can generate a force powerful enough to change the face of the surrounding landscape!

Clanging Scales is a move that only Kommo-o can learn. It scrapes the scales covering its body against one another, attacking with a great clamor. After using this move, Kommo-o’s Defense is lowered.


Ribombee_rgb_300dpiCategory: Bee Fly Pokémon
Type: Bug/Fairy
Height: 0’08”
Weight: 1.1 lbs.
Ability: Honey Gather / Shield Dust

Ribombee collect flower nectar and pollen to make into balls known as Pollen Puffs. These serve as food, and what’s more, they also can cause effects like paralysis or dizziness. Ribombee may use puffs to strike their opponents during battles. Some of the Pollen Puffs that Ribombee make also have relaxing effects or can relieve tiredness. These are distributed around the Alola region as high-priced supplements.

Ribombee hate getting rained on. They’re covered with fluffy hairs that hold the pollen they’ve gathered, and the rain makes them wet and dirty. Alolan people know that if Ribombee are busily visiting the fields of flowers, you can be sure that the fair weather will continue.


Steenee_rgb_300dpiCategory: Fruit Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 2’04”
Weight: 18.1 lbs.
Ability: Leaf Guard / Oblivious

The calyx on Steenee’s head is harder than Bounsweet’s, so Steenee no longer worries about being stabbed by other Pokémon. As Bounsweet, this Pokémon may have preferred to run away from others, but now Steenee and other Pokémon can play together.

Upon evolving, this Pokémon’s fragrance becomes even more delectable, but it also gains a tomboy-like personality. Living together with one is quite the ordeal. As it moves around, it spins its calyx, striking nearby objects, but Steenee couldn’t care less.

Steenee unleashes combo moves using the calyx on its head and its hard legs. First it smacks opponents with the calyx on its head, and when the opponent flinches, it lands a whacking great kick. That usually does the trick!


Tsareena_rgb_300dpiCategory: Fruit Pokémon
Type: Grass
Height: 3’11”
Weight: 47.2 lbs.
Ability: Leaf Guard / Queenly Majesty

Tsareena has the nature of high-class nobility. Any Pokémon or human that approaches it with evil in mind will be punished forthwith. It even turns its fearsome glare upon its own Trainer if the two of them are not fully in sync, or if its Trainer orders it to use a move that will be ineffective. Only the strongest of Steenee are able to evolve. When this happens, the Steenee evolves with the blessing of other Steenee. It then uses its strength to protect the Bounsweet.

Tsareena is a high-kicking virtuoso. It has honed these skills beyond the level it achieved as a Steenee, and it attacks with graceful movements. At the same time, its fragrance mesmerizes its opponents, dealing them a secondary attack. Trop Kick is a move that only Tsareena can learn. It lowers an opponent’s Attack by showering it with blazing hot kicks in a style similar to that originating from tropical countries. It’s said that this Pokémon loses its strength if touched on the crown-like protuberance on its head.

Some Tsareena have the Queenly Majesty Ability, which no other Pokémon has previously had. The effects of Queenly Majesty are so intimidating that it prevents opponents from using priority moves.

Alolan Grimer

Alolangrimer_rgb_300dpiCategory: Sludge Pokémon
Type: Poison/Dark
Height: 2’04”
Weight: 92.6 lbs.
Ability: Poison Touch / Gluttony

When the population of the Alola region increased, dealing with their garbage became a serious problem. As a solution, Grimer were imported from other regions. They fed primarily on garbage, so their body composition changed—as did their form. What appear to be teeth in this Pokémon’s mouth are in fact residual toxins from the garbage it eats, which have hardened and crystallized. No method has been discovered to break down these crystals. Direct contact with them presents a danger.

Alolan Grimer is always eating garbage, but its constant hunger will cause it to begin eating other manufactured objects if it runs out of garbage to feed on. There are more than a hundred Alolan Grimer in Alola’s garbage-processing plants, and all of the garbage produced in the Alola region is taken for use as their food.

Alolan Muk

Alolanmuk_rgb_300dpiCategory: Sludge Pokémon
Type: Poison/Dark
Height: 3’03”
Weight: 114.6 lbs.
Ability: Poison Touch / Gluttony

Alolan Muk eats whatever is in reach without pausing, and if it feels the sharp pangs of hunger, it runs amuck (ba zing!). It’s thought that its voracious appetite stems from an inability to maintain its energy levels without a constant influx of toxins. Toxins have accumulated in Alolan Muk’s body from its steady diet of various waste products and manufactured materials. This accumulation has brought about a chemical change, producing a new kind of toxin.

Alolan Muk has the same poisonous crystals as Alolan Grimer, but they’re not limited to its mouth—they extend from all over the surface of its body. Alolan Muk uses them to attack, just like other Pokémon use their fangs or claws. And these highly toxic crystals are easily knocked loose, making them extraordinarily dangerous!

The Grimer and Muk in the Alola region produce and store their toxins within their bodies. So, unlike the Grimer and Muk in other regions, you won’t detect any unpleasant aromas when you draw near one.

Kahuna Olivia

OliviaOlivia is the kahuna of Akala Island, the second island you visit on your island challenge. Her skill is extraordinary, as can only be expected from someone chosen to serve as kahuna at such a young age. Yet she still insists that she is just a normal girl.

She is a Rock-type Trainer and has a Nosepass and Lycanroc.

Each of Alola’s four islands has a leader, called the island kahuna, who governs the island. Kahunas are chosen by the Pokémon known as guardian deities, which are also found on each island.

Trial Captain Ilima

IlimaAn expert in Normal-type Pokémon, Captain Ilima graduated from the Trainers’ School and is a hero to the students of that school.

Each trial has a captain, whose role is to provide guidance to trial-goers. All of the captains are Trainers who undertook trials in their own island challenge a few years earlier.

Additional Notes

The Japanese trailer seems to show that the damage from Parental Bond’s second hit has been reduced from 50% to 25% of the first hit’s damage. In other words, it’s been nerfed.

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  1. NinjaBem Aspiring Trainer


    Alolan Muk though! So cool! I don't care for the cherries evo line honestly. I love cutiefly's evo! :D
    Mudkipfan12 likes this.
  2. Mudkipfan12 Mudbray!


    OMYGOSH this is awesome!!! it fits right in with my theory! and, kommo-o seems to counter some other psuedo-legend that may be dark dragon type. rimbobee looks amazing, and so does muk.
  3. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    I absolutely LOVE Alolan Muk! It looks so good, especially the changing colours! Silvally, Steenee and Tsareena look really good too, and Ribombee is super cute as well, though I think I would've preferred it more, if it had Cutiefly's mouth. Hakamo-o looks cool, but I'm not really the biggest fan of Kommo-o, nor it's name, which I feel like is a bit too basic evolution'ish
  4. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Alolan Muk actually has a really cool design. Reminds me of those sand bottles you can make by stacking different colored sand on top of each other.

    I'm torn; I do really like Tsareena's design, but also like Lurantis's design. I want to use one, but I'm torn between them because I like both designs. Ribombee is also a really nice design; I want to use it.

    So many Pokemon I want to use; so little time...
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  5. His Goominess sue me
    His Goominess


    RKS System? Are there any doubters left as to whether Type: Null/Silvally have something to do with Arceus?

    I'm liking Jangmo-o's evolutions more now we've seen them in HQ. I've been waiting to see what they'd do with a Dragon/Fighting combo and this line doesn't disappoint me.

    Ribombee is pretty cute, although I do find it a bit forgettable. Hopefully its stats aren't too bad.

    I like Steenee and Tsareena quite a lot, depending on their stats and whether or not I pick Rowlet I might use them in game.

    I'm very liking Alolan Muk. (although maybe that has something to do with the fact I love pretty much anything multicoloured and neon...)
    Zygarde likes this.
  6. TheRealBro.. Keep it Cheesy!


    Wauw, this new Muk design was well worth the wait! It looks like it came straight out of a Mario Sunshine sketch.. But a really good one!

    I like what they did with these somewhat forgotten Pokemon like Ninetales, Sandslash and now Muk. In my opinion these alternate forms are much better then ''real new Pokemon'' that lack quality, such as Garbodor in gen 5 to stay with the poison type.

    Would like to see more alternate forms in the future, maybe also from other generations then gen 1, epecially gen 2 which has a lot of these somewhat cool Pokemon with absolutely no use in there current form.
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  7. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    Another awesome reveal. Not only do we get the Pokemon and Trail Captain revealed in Corocoro, we get 4 more Pokemon and a new Kahuna.

    Just like I said when it was first revealed, Silvally is truly an awesome Pokemon and I get wait to get it in-game.

    Hakamo-o and Kommo-o are still really cool Pokemon. Other than that, not much else to say.

    We finally now know the name of Cutiefly's evolution; Ribombee. Again not much to say.

    I'm really liking Steenee and Tsareena, especially Tsareena's ability of Queenly Majesty which blocks priority moves. This is means that Talonflame is going to have a hard time taking it out despite the type advantage. Hopefully it has stats to be of competitive use.

    And finally Alolan Muk and Grimer, While they don't have any abilities or type combinations to speak of, I really like the way the colors on Muk flow and based on this line, "these highly toxic crystals are easily knocked loose, making them extraordinarily dangerous!", I sense a new hold item for poison types.

    Our new Kahuna is cool. This also confirms that the Kahunas, like Trial Captains, will use a single type as she uses Rock type Pokemon.

    And finally, our new Trial Captain Ilima is interesting, not because of any information revealed, but simply because he is a Trial Captain. Its unusual that there are now 5 Trial Captains despite there being only 4 islands (5 islands if count the artificial island for the Aether Foundation but its very unlikely that you'd have a trial there) Either there are several trials per island (likely) or there are more islands than we can see (unlikely). There may even be different Trial Captains for Pokemon Sun and Moon, like the Ultra Beasts and the Totem Pokemon. Either way, his reveal is still interesting.

    Edit: It seems in the Japanese trailer that Mega Kangaskhan's Parental Bond has been changed from doing 50% damage to 25% damage. I guess they got sick of Kangaskhan and nerfed him.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2016
  8. CMP Now with 400% more Neo!


    AKS, Arceus. I'm definitely using Silvally! It (and even Type:Null) have immediately climbed the ranks into my Top 10. I'm intrigued to see how far the in-game lore goes into the Arceus connection, or if it's something just left inferred.

    I really wasn't expecting Bounsweet to be part of a three-stage line -- I'm pleasantly surprised! Don't know if it's a line I'd ever use, but with the relative lack of three-stage lines in Kalos, it's nice to see some more being introduced in Alola.

    After the official reveal, I've warmed up a bit to Alolan Grimer. Still not the biggest fan of it, but Alolan Muk slightly redeems it. It's clear Gamefreak has really been developing designs this generation with the models in mind -- the color changing texture on Muk is pretty cool.

    Only a little over a month to go, and I couldn't be more stoked!
  9. Cottonmouth25 Flying-type Enthusiast


    Ribombee - holy Arceus this is ADORABLE! Heck, they probably could've called it "Adorabee" because of how flippin' CUTE it is! It almost reminds me of a kwami from the Miraculous series. Well now I know who to call for aid when Alola needs a superhero. XD

    Steenee - well, I never could've imagined that our delicious little Bounsweet would hatch like an egg into a little fruit girl. Point to Game Freak for originality, I guess. Anyway, keeping this Pokémon around is said to be a handful - like raising a teenager. And apparently it can kick like a Hitmonlee, so avoid those dainty legs like the plague.

    Tsareena - hoo boy. It seems to be tradition nowadays for there to be a "pretty girl" Pokémon in each generation, and looks like Tsareena is the reigning princess for Alola. It's funny that it happens to be a fruit this time, because I can already joke about how "delicious" she is. :D

    (Can't wait to see the fanart of this one...)

    Hakamo-o - really cool-looking Pokémon here. It looks like something out of Aztec mythology, you know?

    Kommo-o - It's a freaking Struthiomimus with samurai armor! Design aside, I really like this guy's flavor text of it being a silent guardian over all the little Jangmo-o (probably thinking back to its own childhood as it does so). I can't wait to see how this bad boy holds up in battle. I'm going to name mine Ozzy - or maybe Brachydios, because look at dem arms.

    Silvally - no offense, Arceus Junior, but I can't take that name of yours seriously. Aside from that, this unmasked chimaera is an absolute badass in terms of design, just like it's "pre-evolution". I don't know how you can call this an evolution when all that happens is Type: Null taking off its helmet, but oh well. The backstory for this Pokémon is really impressive, and its ability to change its type is damn great.

    Alolan Muk - it looks like a four-year old's art project come to life. In all seriousness, though, this Alolan form looks pretty cool. Not gonna lie, this guy is legitimately intimidating despite those flashy colors.
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  10. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Staff Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Gen 7 waifumon gen confirmed

    I am in love with everything about Tsareena. Blocking priority moves is a pretty cool thing.
  11. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Queenly Majesty is a nice Ability and can cause problems for Talonflame users who do not know Flare Blitz exists. :p

    No seriously; that Ability is really nice and can cause problems for those people who like to use Priority moves.
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  12. 98Greener tree noises


    Alolan Muk as so many pretty colors like holy wooooooooow. I think it's supposed to be reminiscent of an oil spill.

    Bounsweet's evolutions are so adorable asdfasdg I'm keeping it on my team.

    Ribombee is cute too.
  13. chella182 Aspiring Trainer


    Okay, Kommo-o looks freaking amazing! Samurai dragon? Looks awesome. I really like Alolan Muk as well, and it doesn't smell! :D
  14. Digital Dragon Thinks Chandelure is the cutest Pokémon
    Digital Dragon


    I still love the Jangmo-o line so much! Cool concept and Dragon/Fighting? Yes please!

    The other new Pokemon are really nice as well! Alolan Muk, especially is one I like.
  15. Celty Somebody you used to know


    I'm gonna have a hard time remembering these new Pokemon names u.u
  16. Dragon Master Tenzin Master of Dragon's
    Dragon Master Tenzin


    1 month left and i already have 12 pokemon i want in my team.....decisions....
    Besides that Alolan muk looks really nice i like its colorful design......especially those teeth....
    ribombee is cute but a bit forgettable for me,
    Tsareena hell yea i m all for royal pokemon lol...didnt surprise me that it had a 3 stage evolution though kinda anticipated it cause i could no where see bounsweet as a basic pokemon.
    Kommo-o design wise a bit overdone but overall still love the design suits the unique fight/dragontype bravo to Pokemon for that.
    type:null evolution is definitely something that has surprised me for the better, though its more of a form change lol. All Hail the man made LLama god!!! XD definitely my favourite pokemon yet in sun and moon.
  17. StriatonIsMagic I'll Never Forget This Day


    It's official: Aether has created an Arceus hybrid. Which means they literally killed God. *wut*
    Anyways, the Pokémon look really nice, except for Muk. It looks like a deformed piñata. Also, many of the description say something about fighting a 'coming darkness'. I wonder what that could be...
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2016
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  18. Chrswrites Aspiring Trainer


    RKS = Arceus.
    This confirms DP remakes after SM.

    Gen 7 is also going to make up for the lack of Arceus in Gen 7 TCG.
  19. Leronne Bug Pokemon Lover


    Isn't Bruxish's Dazzling ability the same as Tsareena's Queenly Majesty ability, or is there something i'm missing here.

    All in all, awesome trailer. I'd really like to use Ribombee on my adventure team, but i'm already using Vikavolt, so i might just use it in my second playthrough. I know it says that only Tsareena can learn Trop Kick, but i feel like Hitmonlee could also learn it in the same vein as Blaze Kick (though that wasn't until 1 gen later).
  20. Higliphics Competitive TCG Player


    Four things about this:
    1. That Alolan Muk is super cool looking.
    2. Kommo-o is totally going on my team for the Elite Four.
    3. Ribombee is adorable.
    4. Can this game just come out already? I'm tired of the suspense!
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