Suzukisan Promos for 20th Anniversary Countdown Event in Japan!

Pokemon continues to ramp up the excitement as the date of the 20th Anniversary grows near. A special countdown event will be held in Tokyo on October 19th, and one of the highlights of the event will be an appearance by Suzukisan, their first live performance!

Susukisan is a musical group formed by Imakuni?, Kobayashi! (Kobayashi Sachiko), and Raymond (Raymond Johnson). As a group, they have sung a number of Pokemon songs, including their most well-known song “Torikaekko Please” (“Let’s trade, please”), a song about Imakuni? and Kobayashi! trading Pokemon cards that has been featured in many Pokemon commercials in Japan.  Even international Pokemon fans are probably familiar with Imakuni? from his appearance in the TCG, though Kobayashi! and Raymond have also done voices for the anime.

The countdown event will be limited to 100 live spectators, with tickets handed out by a lottery system. If you’re living in Japan and would like to take your chances on winning a ticket, details can be found here. Those lucky enough to get in will also receive a pair of exclusive, and silly, promo cards featuring Kobayashi! and Suzukisan. Thanks to Sean T. for the translations!

M Sachiko Ex 2M Sachiko-EX – Fairy – HP 240

[Y][Y][Y][Y] Galaxy Voice: 10x damage. Say “Aaah—–♪” For as long as you can. This attack does 10 damage times the number of seconds you said “Aaah—–♪” for. (Your opponent counts the duration while you’re projecting your voice.)

(M Sachiko-EX is not a Pokemon, However she is treated as a M Evolution.)

(This card cannot be used in official events.)

Weakness: Metal (x2)
Resistance: Darkness (-20)
Retreat: 4

SuzukisanSuzukisan – Trainer

Sing and Dance to [Torikaekko Please]’s Chorus. Play a Pokemon card from your own hand and [Torikaekko] With your Active Pokemon. (All Damage, Special Conditions, Effects are now on the new Pokemon)

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

(This card cannot be used in official events.)