New Details for Fall EX Boxes!

As we reported last week, five new EX boxes will be released this fall featuring Charizard-EX, Gengar-EX, Kangaskhan-EX, Dragonite-EX, and Mewtwo-EX. At the time, no details about the products were known, but we can now confirm their contents.

Like Water Pokemon Master predicted earlier, each box will contain the Pokemon-EX promo, four booster packs, and a PTCGO card. However, there are no figures for any of the boxes and all regions will instead receive a Pokemon-EX jumbo card. We still do not know pricing or any other details for these boxes yet, so the specifics of the cards themselves remain a mystery.

The Charizard-EX, Dragonite-EX, and Mewtwo-EX boxes will be released in October, while the Gengar-EX and Kangaskhan-EX boxes are scheduled for a November release.