Best Finish Limits and Quarterly Seasons for 2016-2017 Tournaments!

Pokemon has revealed the best finish limits for League Challenges, League Cups, Regionals, and Worlds! Some observant players were able to find the details in the user information on

14329155_1776156445993350_174391_oA best finish limit represents how many tournaments you can win Championship Points from throughout the year. For example, last season you would be awarded points for your six best League Challenge placements. Anything worse than those would not count toward your Championship Point total.

League Challenges and League Cups are grouped together in the same best finish limit. For this season, instead of the best finish limit for these two events applying for a full year, they are now split up into four quarters: the first quarter being July, August and September, the second being October, November and December, and so forth. Play! Pokemon players will only receive Championship Points for their two best placements in these tournaments within each quarter, meaning you can score up to eight finishes throughout the yearly season.

Regionals and Worlds will now share the same best finish limit! Players will earn points from their eight best performances in Regionals Championships throughout the year, as well as the 2016 World Championships. This is much higher than the previous limit of four, which also included the now-defunct State Championships. This best finish limit is not split up into four quarters.

This information is subject to change, as Pokemon has not publicly confirmed anything. Since the season has already been going for several weeks, we will hopefully see an official announcement soon. Although with TPCi, you can never know for sure. :x