‘Pokemon GO’ Team Leaders and Other Info Revealed at Comic-Con!

Niantic’s John Hanke just finished a Pokemon GO panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con, which I live-tweeted on our Twitter! During the panel, Niantic revealed:

  • Pokemon GO Team Leaders Spark Blanche CandelaThey’re working on a trading function, but want to make sure the servers will hold up first. Trading is their #1 priority right now along with rolling out the game to more countries.
  • Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon from other generations will make their way into our world over the next several months and years. The game will be updated for years to come to keep Pokemon fans interested and playing. So far, they’ve only implemented a tenth of the features they have planned. “This is only the beginning.”
  • Pokemon Centers will be added in the future. They will eventually add customization options to PokeStops, which will encourage players to visit different ones. Breeding in the game isn’t being worked on right now, but there’s been discussions about it.
  • Niantic stated they consider this Pokemon’s official MMO (massive multiplayer online game). Pokemon fans have been asking for one for many years, and I guess this was the answer!
  • The Eevee name hack has officially been confirmed by Niantic. Before evolving an Eevee, you can rename it to Rainer, Sparky, or Pyro to yield Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon.
  • Team Captains Blanche, Candela, and Spark were officially revealed after only being seen as silhouettes before. Niantic hinted that the artwork wasn’t ready in time for the game’s launch. The three will have more involvement in future updates to the game.
  • There were rumors before the panel began that players would be able to capture a Legendary Pokemon at Comic-Con, but that did not happen. They still consider the game brand new, so we probably won’t see Legendary Pokemon for many months.