‘Pokemon GO’ Plus Device Delayed Until September

Pokemon Go Plus DeviceIt was announced at E3 that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory would probably be released at the end of July. However, Nintendo has now announced the device won’t be released until September. No reasons were stated for why there’s such a long delay, but there have been rumors the device wouldn’t have been ready in time to work with Android phones, which may be one explanation. There could also be stock issues due to the unexpected and overwhelming popularity of the game.

The Pokemon GO Plus connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies you about events in the game via an LED light and vibrations, such as the appearance of a Pokemon nearby. If you’ve caught a certain Pokemon before, you can just press the button to capture it and the device will let you know if you’ve caught it or not. This way you don’t have to keep your phone out for your entire walk. The device will also notify you when you’re within range of a PokeStop.