‘BREAK Evolution Box: Ho-Oh and Lugia’ Product Photos!

Along with the “Red & Blue Collection: Venusaur-EX,” the second BREAK Evolution Box featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia will be released this Wednesday, July 13th. It’ll retail for $24.99.

As posted before, it features holo promos of Ho-Oh (XY153), Ho-Oh BREAK (XY154), Wobbuffet BREAK (XY155), and Lugia (XY156), a jumbo Ho-Oh BREAK promo, five booster packs (Ancient Origins, BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint, 2x Fates Collide), and a PTCGO code card.

Thanks goes to The Charizard Authority for the photos below!

 Break Evolution Box Ho Oh Lugia  Ho Oh XY153  Ho Oh BREAK XY154  Wobbuffet BREAK XY155  Lugia XY156
[prod ebay=”BREAK Evolution Box Ho-Oh Lugia” amazon=”BREAK Evolution Box Ho-Oh Lugia”] [prod ebay=”Ho-Oh XY153″ amazon=”Ho-Oh XY153″] [prod ebay=”Ho-Oh BREAK XY154″ amazon=”Ho-Oh BREAK XY154″] [prod ebay=”Wobbuffet BREAK XY154″ amazon=”Wobbuffet RBEAK XY154″] [prod ebay=”Lugia XY156″ amazon=”Lugia XY156″]