‘Zygarde Collection’ Releasing Thursday, Photos!

The Zygarde Collection will be released in the United States this Thursday for $19.99!

As posted before, it comes with a Zygarde Complete Forme figure, a galaxy holo reprint of Zygarde from Fates Collide (XY152), four booster packs (1x BREAKthrough, 1x BREAKpoint, 2x Fates Collide), and a PTCGO code card. Thanks goes to The Charizard Authority for the photos!

On the same day, Europe will instead receive the “Zygarde Box,” which comes with a jumbo Zygarde-EX card instead of the Zygarde Complete Forme figurine. It also has one less booster pack. It will retail for £12.99.

Zygarde Collection Zygarde Box Zygarde Complete Forme Figure Zygarde XY152 Promo
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