Zygarde 10% Forme and Zygarde Complete Footage from ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon!’

Junichi Masuda was in attendance at Taiwan’s 2016 Nationals today where he debuted short clips of Zygarde 10% Forme and Zygarde Complete Forme in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In the first video, Zygarde 10% Forme changes into Zygarde Complete Forme when its HP is low. It does this thanks to its “Swarm Change” Ability. Zygarde Complete Forme then uses a new (Dragon-type?) attack called “Core Punisher,” which zaps the opponent with a green laser beam in the shape of a “Z.”

In the second video, Zygarde 10% is shown using Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows, which were the two unused attacks programmed into X and Y that many of us believed were reserved for Zygarde. Both are damage-dealing Ground-type attacks; Thousand Waves prevents Pokemon from fleeing or switching out while Thousand Arrows can hit Pokemon in the air (such as Flying-types, those with Levitate, etc.).

The footage also contains new battle music and once again confirms Pokemon Trainers will be standing behind their Pokemon. The scene also shows that those ugly circles the Pokemon’s models used to stand on have been removed from the terrain, but there were also certain terrains in X and Y where they didn’t appear, so it’s not confirmation they’re completely gone.

Update: The English trailer has just been released. It reveals Zygarde Complete Forme’s attack name is “Core Enforcer.”