First English ‘Steam Siege’ Cards Revealed, Set Legal for Worlds!

Volcanion XY11 EnglishBisharp XY11 EnglishCaptivating Poke Puff XY11 English

Steam Siege has officially been revealed by, and with the announcement comes the first three English cards – Volcanion-EX (#26/114), Bisharp (#64/114) and Captivating Poke Puff (#95/114)! This is the very first time we’re seeing Bisharp, as it has not been revealed in Japan yet. Like a few other cards in XY11, it’s a shiny dual-type Pokemon. has also announced a rule change to set legality — sets will now be legal the third Friday after their release date. This means Stream Siege will now be legal for Worlds. So you’ll have to pay extra close attention to our Japanese XY11 coverage! :p

Steam SiegeTop players will get a chance to build winning strategies with the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion after a change to the rules and regulations regarding eligible expansions at Pokémon TCG tournaments. Now, each expansion will be permitted for use in competitions starting on the third Friday after its US release date. The Steam Siege expansion launches August 3, 2016, so under the new regulations, it will be eligible for play at the 2016 Pokémon TCG World Championships, which begin Friday, August 19. Look forward to seeing how the top players build their decks and adapt to the latest challenges that arise in Steam Siege!

Update: It appears the news story announcing Steam Siege‘s legality at Worlds has been removed from They probably posted it early by accident, as when I first loaded the news story the header image was broken (indicating they had not prepared the story’s featured image yet and it was not ready to be posted). Regardless, the announcement is quoted in full above.