‘Fates Collide’ Ultra PRO Portfolios

 Zygarde Lugia BREAK Fates Collide Portfolios Mega Alakazam Delphox BREAK Fates Collide Portfolios

As with every set, Fates Collide will see the release of two Ultra PRO portfolios to store your cards.

The 9-pocket version features the booster pack artwork of Zygarde and Lugia BREAK. It contains 10 pages that hold 90 cards. The 4-pocket version features Mega Alakazam and Delphox BREAK. It contains 10 pages that hold 40 cards.

This time around Zygarde is featured on the larger portfolio instead of the set’s mascot, Mega Alakazam. This is probably because Zygarde has more appeal to little kids than Mega Alakazam.

Both portfolios will be released on May 2nd with the set. Thanks goes to Andrew for the news!