States 2016 Prizes

States 2016 Mega Scizor PlaymatStates 2016 TrophyStates 2016 Sleeves HoopaStates 2016 Hoopa Deck BoxStates 2016 Mewtwo Hoopa Hats

The top finisher of this year’s States tournaments will win a trophy, a Mega Scizor playmat, a Mewtwo or Hoopa hat, Hoopa card sleeves, and a Hoopa deck box. The top 8 players will likely get the same prizes, spare the trophy and the “Champion” branding on their playmats.

The distribution of the prizes depends on the tournament organizer for each States tournament. Some States may also give out some of the items as door prizes or in raffles during the event.

States tournaments will be held from March 19th through April 9th. You can find one near you here.

Thanks goes to Philadelphia Pokemon for the photos above!