‘Great Detective Pikachu – The Birth of a New Duo’ Game Coming in February!

Pokemon has finally unveiled the mysterious detective game they first teased in October 2013! The 3DS eShop game is titled Great Detective Pikachu – The Birth of a New Duo and will be released next week on February 3rd! It has currently only been announced for Japan.

The game features a crime-solving Pikachu unlike any ever seen before – it talks, it sleuths, it drinks coffee, it’s smug, it wears a Sherlock Holmes-esque hat, and it has a human partner named Tim Goodman. In the trailer above, Pikachu says things like “I smell a new case”, “Where do you think you’re going?”, “Let’s find answers!”, “Are you okay?!” and “Let’s go, partner!”

The game’s story begin when Tim meets Pikachu in Rhyme City. The game is listed as a one-player “Cinematic Adventure Game,” with no apparent online or multiplayer features. So you’ll probably just investigate different cases and follow a certain plot. Since the game has a subtitle in its name, it’s possible this will be the first of future “Great Detective Pikachu” games.

Japanese players who pre-order the game from January 27th to February 29th will get it for 1,200 yen (about $10). The game will normally cost 1,500 yen (about $13). It will take 800 MB of space to download.