Wii U Pokken Tournament Bundle + Special Controller Revealed

Pokken Tournament Wii U Bundles Pokken Tournament Wii U Controller

The Japanese Pokken Tournament website has finally revealed an image of the “Wii U Pokken Tournament Bundle” we first learned about last month during Nintendo Direct. The bundle will cost 36,800 yen (about $300) and will include a black 32 GB Wii U, a digital copy of Pokken Tournament, a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card to unlock it right away, and a guide listing the controls for each Pokemon’s moves.

The website also revealed that while the game will be compatible with the Wii U GamePad, Pro Controller, and Classic Controller Pro, fans can also purchase a hard-wired controller that matches the controls of the arcade version of the game. It will cost 3,480 yen (about $30).

Both the bundle and controller will be released in Japan on Friday, March 18th. The game will be released in America and Europe sometime this spring, though no bundles have been announced at this time.