Live: Speed Gamers Again Catching Pokemon for Charity!

The Speed Gamers are a charity organization that plays video games to raise money for various causes. As of 2014, they have raised over $400,000 for almost 20 different charities. And once again, they will be holding a Pokemon marathon to catch ’em all… on Gameboy!

From today until Sunday, they will be trying to capture every Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Celebi in an attempt to raise money for…

  • Backpack for Kids: provides backpacks of food to kids that would not have food over the weekend during the school year.
  • Tara Sawyer Foundation: helps support organizations for abused, neglected, or abandoned children and drills wells for safe drinking water in impoverished regions.
  • Trent’s Retreat Nonprofit Foundation: provides free retreats to families who have a child suffering from pediatric cancer.
  • Paws for Reflection: provides a healing environment utilizing animal assisted therapies to enhance the quality of life for all clients, and to provide a loving home, whether temporary or permanent, for animals that meet a specific criteria.

You can watch a live video stream of their Pokemon marathon above and donate here if you wish. For a more immerse experience, you can also chat and interact with them on their Twitch page.