XY&Zx02: Hot-Blooded Quilladin! Squishy is Being Targeted!!

Ash and his friends catch up with Professor Sycamore over the video phone and talk to him about Squishy, but Team Rocket overhears and makes a plan to capture the Pokemon. The team leaves to relax in a forest while Serena remakes Bonnie’s purse to hold both Squishy and Dedenne. While Bonnie is grooming Eevee, a wild Quilladin sees Eevee and falls in love with it. It tries to attack Eevee to gain its affections, but Eevee isn’t interested and Pancham and Chespin counterattack to protect it. Quilladin thinks it could impress Eevee by winning against the other Pokemon, so it decides to battle both Pancham and Chespin in turn.

However, during the battle, Jessie and James use a plush “Squishy” on a string to distract Squishy, Dedenne, Bunnelby, and Eevee. Once they are away from the others, they’re captured in a large net at Team Rocket flees away in their Meowth balloon. In the net, Bunnelby cuts through the ropes to escape and the Pokemon jump out into a body of water below, but they run into Team Rocket again on the ground and a battle begins. Dedenne and Bunnelby are both knocked out, and Squishy starts to glow, but then Ash and the others arrive.

Quilladin, Chespin, and Pancham had previously been fighting about who would get to rescue the captured Pokemon, but they reconcile their differences. Working together, they manage to knock out both Inkay and Gorgeist and send Team Rocket blasting off. Quilladin presents Eevee with a bouquet of flowers but starts crying when Eevee rejects it again. A nearby Flareon happens to pass by and Quilladin decides to follow it instead.

Next Episode: Ash and his friends meet a Nurse Joy who is studying Mega Evolution, but gets into an argument with her Audino back at the Pokémon Center. Will they be able to put aside their quarrel to defeat Team Rocket?

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