The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV + Pokémon XY&Z Episode 1!

Two new Pokémon anime episodes aired today in Japan!

The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV

Steven and and Manon arrive in Kalos where Alain is about to perform a Mega Evolution 10-battle challenge. While the battles are taking place, Manon and Steven explore the area. Alain wins many battles in a row with his Mega Charizard X, though he takes a quick break and sees Manon. While the two reunite, Manon’s Chespin wanders off and comes across a lab containing many Zygarde Core that appear to be part of an experiment. Meanwhile, Alain is competing in his last challenge battle against Malva and her Mega Houndoom. He wins the battle as Steven and Lysandre watching on. Unfortunately, Manon’s Chespin has fallen ill and she misses the conclusion of the battle.

With that, the final Mega Evolution Special comes to a close. However…

XY&Z Episode 1: Z’s Explosive Birth! What Lurks in Kalos!!

The story isn’t over yet, as the Mega Evolution plotline now combines with the main anime series to form “Pokémon XY&Z!” Both Team Flare and the Zygarde Formes will be a main focus of this new series starting today. Enjoy the start of a new era of the Pokémon anime, complete with brand new opening and ending themes!

Ash and his friends are taking a break from their travels when Bonnie finds a mysterious Pokemon in her bag. It’s a Zygarde Core! The Pokedex does not recognize the Pokemon, so Bonnie decides to call it Squishy. Soon afterward, Sawyer and his Groyvle appear, but they notice Squishy has gone missing, so they leave to hunt for it. Some Team Flare members, led by Celosia, are hunting for the Zygarde Core and find it, but are unable to capture is as Ash and his companions rescue Squishy and escape. Later, the friends relax together and Ash and Sawyer compare badges. They go to bed, but Squishy senses Team Flare coming and wakes everyone up. Ash, Serena, and Clemont all battle against Team Flare, but Squishy runs off into the forest where there are other Zygarde Cores. They fuse into the dog-like Zygarde 10% form and beat Team Flare. Squishy goes back to normal, but is injured from the fighting and Bonnie cares for it.

Episode Pictures

[ephd series=XYZ num=”001″ title=”Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV + Z’s Explosive Birth! What Lurks in Kalos!!” images=”3-7, 13-21, 50-415, 471-733, 790-1050, 1107-1448, 1482-1558″]