New Mewtwo Mega Evolution Form Revealed in Pokken Tournament?

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A livestream for Pokken Tournament on NicoNico has revealed what appears to be a special Mewtwo Mega Evolution based on Mega Mewtwo X. Its name was purposefully hidden in its battle with Gengar, but it seems to be a special boss.

Mewtwo is introduced from the get-go with an orange crystal spike in its shoulder. A field of crystals then grows around it and it Mega Evolves into the form above. This new form also has orange crystal spikes protruding from its body and glowing orange highlights.

In its battle with Gengar, it used attacks resembling Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere.

Is this form an exclusive variation in Pokken Tournament – such as a Dark Mega Mewtwo X – or could it be an actual new form of Mega Mewtwo X that will appear in a future game? Could it be like whatever Ash-Greninja is? Will we see a variation of Mega Mewtwo Y too?

Update: And here’s the video–