New English Hoopa Movie Trailer – New Hoopa Voice!

A new trailer for Hoopa and the Clash of Ages has been uploaded to the YouTube channel of Beyond Home Entertainment, which is the Australian distributor of the film (so don’t get too excited that it says the film will be in theaters – it’s only for Australia).

The new trailer reveals that Hoopa’s voice has been changed from the original English trailer, which was criticized by many fans. The new voice sounds less like Angela Anaconda and more appropriate, in my opinion!

From what I can tell, the music in the trailer isn’t from the Japanese soundtrack (except for the Pokemon theme at the end). This may indicate that like Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, the dub is going to replace most of the background music again. It’s not a good indication that the trailer is using what appears to be its own synthesizer music, since it’s unlikely TPCi would pay to create a track for just a trailer. In other words, they probably paid to create their own soundtrack for most of the film, and this trailer is already previewing it. We never did find out why TPCi decided to replace most of the music in the Diancie movie with inferior synthesizer music, but it may be because paying to create their own music is cheaper than paying for the rights to use the original Japanese music. But who knows?

The new trailer also reveals scenes from the film that weren’t in any Japanese trailers, meaning this is our first peek at some new scenes!