Fall 2015 Regionals Playmats and TCG Goods!

Regionals Shiny Primal Groudon Mega Tyranitar Hoopa SleevesRegionals Shiny Primal Groudon Mega Tyranitar Top 8 Finalists

Fall Regionals begin this weekend!

Players who participate or place high will be eligible to receive a shiny Primal Groudon playmat, a Mega Tyranitar playmat, one of two packs of sleeves featuring Hoopa (either yellow or black), or a deck box featuring Hoopa on the front and Hoopa Unbound on the back. The artwork for the playmats come from the booster packs of Ancient Origins.

The goods will be given away at the discretion of the staff at each Regional and not all players will receive them. For example, some could be door prizes, some could be given out randomly, or some could be given out to the first X number of players who pre-register online. However, those who place in the top 8 are guaranteed to receive the playmats in the second photo above.

This weekend’s Regionals are in Houston, TX and Phoenix, AZ; next weekend there is one in Lancaster, PA; and for the weekend after there are three in San Jose, CA, Fort Wayne, IN, and Vancouver, BC. You can look up details for the events on Pokemon.com.

Thanks goes to Joseph L. for the photos!