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Five Zygarde Formes, Including Zygarde Perfect Forme, Revealed in ‘CoroCoro!’

Zygarde Perfect Forme And Other Formes

CoroCoro has leaked, revealing Zygarde will have many formes in the next game! Thanks goes to Vincent and Mia V. for the translations!

  • A new flattened green blob forme revealed for the first time in the magazine is “Zygarde Cell Forme.” There are many of them scattered all over the place. (Edit: Actually it looks like they were in the Mega Evolution Act IV trailer last month.)
  • Multiple Zygarde Cell Formes bond with the green blob forme revealed back in July, which is now known to be named “Zygarde Core Forme.” It is the brain of each subsequent forme. (And of course this confirms it was in fact related to Zygarde, as we all believed.)
  • So when multiple Zygarde Cell Formes bond with Zygarde Core Forme, they can create “Zygarde 10% Forme,” which resembles a dog. It has incredible speed and sharp fangs.
  • The original Zygarde is now called “Zygarde 50% Forme,” similar to Giratina being renamed Giratina Altered Forme. We assume it’s a combination of the previous formes, or many more cell formes combined with one of the core formes, or something like that.
  • The giant Zygarde is called “Zygarde Perfect Forme.” It remains Ground/Dragon type, is 4.5 meters tall, and weighs 610 kg. Its power is stronger than Xerneas and Yveltal. It’s obviously a combination of the previous formes, perhaps multiple of each.

Additionally, CoroCoro revealed the anime will be renamed “Pokemon XY & Z.” It will start in Japan on October 29th.

Ash’s Greninja will get a new look in the show that is themed after Ash’s clothes, as you can see in the scan. Perhaps we’ll be able to customize the appearances of Pokemon somehow in the next game? Or could it be another Spiky-Eared Pichu situation where it’s a one-off event Pokemon to promote people buying the game?

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  1. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    Who saw a new Zygarde forme/s coming? *raises hand*
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  2. NintendoAlian Frontier Brain


    XY& know what that means

    Zygarde Flower Forme!

    Ok, I just looked at Greninja, they're pushing it.
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  3. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    This is some good news to see for sure.
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  4. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    Can we get Zygarde Allele form? It's the only way kids would actually have a use for knowing that boring AF part of biology in the REAL WORLD.
  5. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    So.. First Mewtwo and Freeza and now Zygarde and Perfect Cell?
    The dog form looks like a dog from a horror movie.
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  6. Green778 It's always darkest before the dawn...


    [​IMG] Sorry fellas... I just can't see the design otherwise... :/ Honestly, these are good news... but I don't need 10 forms of 1 pokemon. We need legendary that matter, such as Lugia-Ho-oh and a trio that's great like Suicune-Entei-Raikou... all these are like above...
  7. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    I can't say I like where this is going, not only does this make Gen 6.5 unlikely but it means we'll be lucky to even get a sequel. If the next game really is Z it'll be the ultimate symbol of the games' regression in quality. The form designs are also pretty lazy looking and don't really relate to each other that well.
  8. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    I am dissapoint.

    I like the little Cell and Core forms, and I also like (a bit) the dog form, but the """Perfect""" one... I'd rather just get a name change if they're going to be shoving that thing down our throats from now till gen VII.

    Like I said before, I do like the little guys, but isn't it a stretch giving Zygarde what, 5 forms?

    I just want my scary-serpent-self back >->
  9. yammark Aspiring Trainer


    Yes , my prediction about green-blob is related to Zygarde and the shadow colossus thing is Zygarde new forme is correct . At that time ,some people even laugh at this theory and say ''These theories are ridiculous'' . Since my theory is true , now i can laugh back at them for being naive .

    The green-blob have green body , red hexagon at stomach , and one white eyes like Zygarde eyes , body shape just look like Zygarde . Everything can point out that it's must relate to Zygarde somehow . Only the naive can't notice this from beginning . :p

    At the Greninja new looks . I still don't know what it might be . Maybe we can costume the Pokemon like Water Pokemon Master said . But all i can confirm is this is not Mega-Greninja . Because the design just too simple
  10. King Xerneas A bitter old kween
    King Xerneas


    These things make about as much sense as digimon evolution logic, like how does a Doberman become a serpentine dragon?

    Edit: Also that is definitely Mega Greninja; minor changes aren't uncommon in megas, plus it has a different belly pattern as well as some water things on its back. It's definitely more than just some cosmetic change.
  11. GDK Aspiring Trainer


    Nah it's not mega greninja it's just a color change.
    A new "form" of greninja was to be expected since it's super popular and stuff.

    As for zygarde : It isn't even his final form !
    The dog form might be good who knows, the perfect form will finally be worthy of a legendary (seriously whose idea was it to give zygarde 600BST only ?).
  12. EdwardJP It was me, Dio!


    I wasn't expecting the dog form but I'll accept it. I'm not too keen on Zygarde's perfect form, but it'll definitely grow on me. As for Ash's Greninja, the head gives off that Deoxys-Speed/Attack vibe. This is all so confusing and fascinating.

    I guess this confirms next game is Z? Should we be expecting a new game trailer soon?
  13. Pinecone A Pinecone on the Beach


    If Mewtwo is Pokemon's Freiza, Zygarde is Pokemon's Cell.
  14. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    I like the Perfect form design-wise but the dog is just stupid. Greninja too... I'm not the biggest fan of Ash and this doesn't help. The designs remind me a lot of the BW2 Landorus/Thundurus/Tornados forms - never played the game, not sure what they're called - and not even Dugtrio, Diggersby or Garbodor make me reach this level of revulsion in a Pokemon. :oops:

    If this were to hint towards Pokemon Z they'd probably reveal the release date prior to revealing the forms. Furthermore, it seems as if Nintendo has taken the bait with the look of that "Z". It looks similar to the very popular fan-made logos. Perhaps a form of fan-service? Maybe this is their way of compensating those disappointed that Pokemon Z won't be happening.
  15. Mitja veteran smartass


    Hel yeah, that's what I wanted! *---*

    Zygarde taking on different forms for different stages of power.
    Starting with simple single-cell-like creatures, turning into something common like a dog, then a majestic serpent and then the shadow overlord kaiju-mech-perfect-cell monster! BWAHAHAHAAHA

    Nice :>

    I figure that Zygardes forms could be inspired by Lokis children...
    Loki in norse mythology, had 3 children.
    -Fenrir the wolf
    -Jormungandr the serpent
    -Hel, a female being that is one half alive and one half dead
    "Hel in a reading can represent a time of simultaneous endings and beginnings, the point at which the circle is completed. She can also indicate integrity, as opposites unite to form a stronger whole"

    EDIT: My full thoughts:
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  16. Empoleon_master I can stop watching Anime any time I don't want to


    Ok enough crap posting. Anyone else expecting the Perfect Form to be something stupidly tall instead of about 21 feet tall? I was honestly expecting something like 60-100 feet tall or something if it dwarfed PokeSatan Unbound.
  17. TheUltimateAbsol Truth or Ideals? It's all Black and White to me


    It looks like master core :>
  18. Zygarde Dog form has joined my top 5 favorite Pokemon list!
  19. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Zygarde Dog Forme was something I wasn't entirely expecting, but it's interesting.

    Zygarde Perfect Forme looks ridiculous, but what can you do? It may grow on me, but I never cared for Zygarde to begin with...only time will tell.
  20. Raigetsu Lightning Trainer


    So now it's a matter of time before we get a Z-Version?