XY79 ‘Braixen and Pancham!! A Captivating Fiery Performance!!’

Ash and his friends have arrived at Dendemille Town. It’s time for Serena’s next Pokémon Showcase! Miette is also in town for the competition, as is Jessie of Team Rocket. While the performers are all getting ready backstage, Monsieur Pierre introduces the competition and many people watch on TV from all over the region. The Theme Performance for this Showcase will be a Poké Puff baking competition! Miette and Jessie both win their respective rounds before it’s Serena’s turn to go on stage.

When Serena’s turn arrives, she works hard with Braixen and Pancham to make a set of beautiful Poké Puffs. Although all 3 contestants create good dishes, Serena is still the winner and gets to move on to the next round! Jessie starts off the Free Performance with an amusing show featuring Meowth and Wobbuffet as her partners, creating a heart statue out of berries cut up by Meowth’s Fury Swipes. As she’s exiting, she bumps into Serena backstage, ripping Serena’s furisode. Meanwhile, Miette is putting on her own performance with Meowtic and Slurpuff.

Serena, Pancham, and Braixen work to fix Serena’s outfit while the remaining performers compete, and she makes it on stage just in time with the bottom hem of her furisode cut into a new pattern. She and her Pokémon perform an impressive dance, both Pokémon using their attacks to create a gorgeous finale. While Serena stands on stage waiting for the votes to pour in, she reminisces about her experiences with her Pokémon and is surprised to see all the votes that have gone into her key. Serena is the winner! Monsieur Piette gives her the Princess Key and poses with her Pokémon. After the Showcase, she meets back up with Ash and the others and is surprised when Miette comes to congratulate her on her win as well. They wave goodbye to Miette and prepare to continue their journey together.

Next Episode: Ash is participating in a battle at the Lost Hotel when it’s interrupted by a Rotom! Where is it taking them in that strange elevator?

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