Extended Hoopa Movie Trailer (Spoiler: Everyone Dies)

An extended trailer for the Hoopa movie aired on Japanese TV a few hours ago, revealing many scenes from the movie. There aren’t too many spoilers, so it’s safe to watch, especially if you’ve seen the previous trailers.

At 0:33 you can hear a new version of one of the background music pieces from season 1 of the show (it would often play at the end of an episode). We haven’t heard that track in many years!

This will be the first Pokemon movie since Pokemon 4Ever with a brand new script writer. Will he bringing a fresh new voice to this movie, or will he be serving the Pokemon movie cookie-cutter machine and pumping out the same drab we’ve seen in recent years?

I wonder if they’re going to run out of monster sound effects for the Legendaries. They’ve already given Dialga’s cry to Rayquaza (a cry they’ve used throughout Pokemon’s history for many Pokemon, including Gyarados and Tyranitar). They started using that cry for Rayquaza in the Mega Evolution specials probably thinking Dialga wouldn’t appear in the anime anytime soon, so now for kids today, that’s what Rayquaza sounds like to them and the sound effect people just have to stick with it (instead of Rayquaza’s cry from the Deoxys movie, which was a person making the sound). I wonder what Dialga’s cry will be since it’s in the same movie? Will they invent something new for it? Latios and Latias’ cries are exactly the same from their movie but Lugia’s cry is not using remixed humpback whale sound effects like in the second movie. Lugia’s cry almost sounds like a new version of its in-game cry.

At 2:27 they use one of the boat sound effects from the Tentacool and Tentacruel episode. Random thing to point out, I know. And of course unintentional. But still: nostalgia! :p

The movie plays in Japan starting this Saturday.