BeachCast Episode 1: U.S. Nationals!

Welcome to BeachCast, PokeBeach’s brand new Pokemon TCG podcast! Each month, PokeBeach’s premium TCG writers will be getting together to discuss the competitive TCG scene right here on the front page!

This first edition is about 1.5 hours long and discusses what’s done well at recent tournaments following the banning of Lysandre’s Trump Card, predictions for U.S. Nationals, and initial thoughts about Bandit Ring. The podcast features Benjamin Sauk, Kyle Haverland, Chris Collins, Treynor Wolfe, and Nikolas Campbell, all of whom will be competing at Nationals and Worlds.

To listen to this podcast, you can either play it on this page, or download it through the link at the top right of the Soundcloud player. Perfect for your long car or plane ride to Nationals!

This week is also the perfect time to subscribe to PokeBeach’s article program! We already have four articles up covering hot and secret plays for Nationals, so don’t miss out any longer! And remember, there’s a full 30 day money back guarantee!