‘Ancient Origins’ Ultra PRO Portfolios, Collector’s Album

Primal Groudon Mega Rayquaza Portfolios Ancient OriginsMega Tyranitar Hoopa Unbound Ancient Origins PortfoliosAncient Origins Collector's Album

As with every set, Ancient Origins will see the release of two Ultra PRO portfolios to store your cards. The 9-pocket version features the booster pack artwork of shiny Mega Rayquaza and Primal Groudon while the 4-pocket version features Mega Tyranitar and Hoopa Unbound. Each portfolio has 10 pages that can hold 90 cards and 40 cards respectively (or double that if you double-load each pocket).

A collector’s album will also be released with the set. It contains 60 one-card pages as well as an Ancient Origins pack.

Thanks goes to Andrew for the images!