XY77 ‘The Pokémon Sky Relay Challenge! Fly, Noibat!!’ & Pikachu Specials

Ash and his friends arrive at a special Pokémon Sky Relay! This competition involves 3 flying Pokémon working together, a nearby old man named Ouisu invites Ash to participate with his Fletchinder, Hawlucha, and Noibat. Of course, Ash accepts! Ouisu explains the basics of the competition to Ash, which has Pokémon flying a relay race through a canyon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket makes plans to enter the contest themselves.

Soon, the race in on! The trainers fly above the scene in hot air balloons while the Pokémon start on the ground below. Fletchinder is the starter in Ash’s team and it takes an early lead, though it is overtaken while flying through a forest. Suddenly, Team Rocket arrives and Pumpkaboo flies into the scene, disrupting the leading Pokémon and passing the relay onto a Pellipper ship controlled by Meowth. Fletchinder finally arrives and passes the relay sash onto Hawlucha, who overtakes Staravia and Meowth. Meowth gets angry and starts employing dirty tactics to knock Hawlucha down. However, Meowth accidentally destroys the ship and goes flying into Jessie and James in their balloon, sending the whole group blasting off.

Hawlucha lands and passes the sash onto Noibat who is in charge for the last leg of the race. Noibat flies well at the start until it is buffeted by winds and is knocked towards the ground, letting the opposing Starly take the lead. Remembering its memories of its time with Ash and Hawlucha, Noibat gets a second wind and pulls itself up to zoom quickly towards the finish line. Unfortunately, Starly is still the winner, but Ash and the other Pokémon are all proud of Noibat’s performance and they accept 2nd Place together as a team.

In the Pokemon XY Pikachu the Movie 1 Hour Special!!, Ash and his friends are introduced to a Pikachu-loving director, and they decide to help him make his Pikachu movie along with his group of Pikachu dressed as Cosplay Pikachu! Clemont helps with the script, while Pikachu helps by starring as Super Pikachu, and Hawlucha even acts as a stunt double! Once the filming is complete, they help with the dubbing and editing until a final product is finally ready, and then everyone gets to watch the final product.

A peaceful town of Pikachu is invaded by a gang led by Pikachu Libre. Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Ph. D stand up to them but are knocked off by lightning, so it’s up to Super Pikachu to save the day! Super Pikachu beats up the gang, but Pikachu Libre kidnaps Pikachu Pop Star and Pikachu Belle and escapes. Super Pikachu flies after and confronts them. It’s injured by the gang’s attacks, but at the last minute, Pikachu Rock Star and Pikachu Ph. D show up with the Pikachu villagers and all of them send Pikachu Libre and its thugs blasting off. The scene ends with Super Pikachu flying off into the sunset. The movie is a huge hit! Afterwards, we’re treated to a blooper reel of mistakes made during the movie-making process by Pokémon and trainers alike.

Next Episode: Ash and his friends arrive at the Kalos Poké Ball Factory, but it looks like Meowth of Team Rocket is there too! What hijinks will they get up to?

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