XY76 ‘The Wind, the Egg and Noibat!’

While Ash and his friends are relaxing in a forest, Hawlucha finds a Pokémon egg! He brings it back to the group and gives it to Ash who holds the egg with his Pokémon to warm it up and help it hatch. It’s a Noibat! They all introduce themselves to the baby Noibat, human and Pokémon alike. When it begins to cry with loud, piercing screams, Ash pets it to help calm it down and they gather fruit for it to eat, but it still continues to cry when it discovers that it can’t fly. Hiding in a tree nearby, Team Rocket sees the Pokémon and learns that it evovles into the powerful Noivern, so they decide to capture it.

While they plot, Hawlucha starts to teach Noibat to fly. They’re gliding in the sky together when Team Rocket throws out a net to capture them! They take them away and tie them to a tree. Noibat tries to attack them with its supersonic screams, but Jessie, James, and Meowth have special ear pieces to protect them. Hawlucha removes the ropes and the two make their escape, Noibat riding on Hawlucha’s back. Team Rocket heads off in pursuit and corners them in a cave, but Fletchinder spots them from the air. In the dark cave, Noibat is able to use its sonar to sense Team Rocket. It directs Hawlucha to attack them and disable their ear pieces so Noibat can attack them with sound blasts.

When Team Rocket run outs out of the cave, they’re confronted by Ash who sends out Frogadier and Pikachu to attack and blast them off. Hawlucha and Noibat emerge from the cave and after some more fruit, Ash asked Noibat if it would like to accompany him. Noibat accepts, and Ash captures it! It still can’t fly well, but Hawlucha is determined to help it as they all continue on their journey together.

Next Episode: Ash enters into a special flying competition with Fletchinder, Hawlucha, and Noibat. But will Noibat really be able to compete well despite its difficulties with flying? Next week also features an extra Pikachu special!


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